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  • Add PC power of archiving, logging, capturing screens or data with FlukeView MultiFunction Counter software for Windows®.

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Data transfer tools

Data transfer tools include:

Transfer screens and data to improve reports

FlukeView extends the documenting capability of your MultiFunction Counter. Toolbar buttons like Display Screen allow you to capture and display screens (WaveForm, Values or Statistics mode) and waveforms on your PC. These can be printed from within FlukeView, or transferred to your word processor for preparing reports. Text can be combined with images to record measurement conditions. The enhanced Print Preview can print multiple windows on a single sheet of paper. Copy lets you copy graphics onto the Windows clipboard, for pasting into word processors, fax programs and the like.

Build your own archive

Save screens, waveform data and setups for future reference. Create your own library of known good signals. Screens, waveforms and setups can be saved as FlukeView (.fvf) files, which contain data as well as graphics. Alternatively, images can be stored in .hgl, .bmp and .pcx graphics file formats, with descriptions to identify the data. Numerical waveform data can also be saved into ASCII files with .csv and .txt file extensions, making it easy to import the data into spreadsheets.

Built-in analysis

The Waveform buttons allow you to display waveform memories on your PC. You can compare captured waveforms against known good waveforms from previous measurements Cursors and zooming give easy comparison between waveforms shown in a window. Use the Spectrum Tool for a more detailed analysis of the captured WaveForm.

Log data values to your PC

Log measurement values over time to, for example, look at an oscillator's warm-up time or long term drift of a critical reference oscillator. You can either select one or multiple values to log on your PC. Each value will be displayed in a separate window for detailed analysis.

General Specifications
System Requirements
 IBM PC/Compatible 386 or higher
 Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
 Graphics adapters, printers and input devices supported by Windows
 One free RS-232 port and PM8914/001 CombiScope Interface Cable
Instruments Supported
   Fluke 164, 164T, 164H

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