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  • PRTs for laboratory freezers, autoclaves, and furnaces 

    • -200 °C to 160 °C
    • Calibration accuracy of ± 0.05 °C
    • Transition junction and lead wires can withstand full PRT temperature range
    • Unique probe seal of 5606 prevents ingress of moisture
    • Calibration not included; NVLAP-accredited calibration optional

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The 5606 is just two inches (50 mm) in length with a sheath diameter of 1/8 inch (3.1 mm). Since it can be fully immersed over its entire temperature range, you don’t have to worry about calculating minimum immersion depth— immerse the entire probe, transition junction, and lead wires, in either non-corrosive liquids or dry mediums ranging from –200 °C to 160 °C.

The 100 Ω precision sensing element (alpha = 0.00385) is specially constructed to prevent the ingress of moisture while achieving calibration accuracies as good as ± 0.05 °C. You get both accuracy and flexibility built into a small, durable package.

The lead wires of the 5606 are made of single-conductor enameled copper wire which prevents moisture from wicking to the sensing element as it would if a more common, stranded lead wire were used. The diameter of the lead wire is no greater than 0.2 mm, making it easy to run lead wires through a freezer door to your readout or transmitter with effectively zero energy loss. The 5606 has been proven in common heat transfer fluids such as silicone oil, mineral oil, ethanol, and even liquid nitrogen with no degradation of the transition junction seal or lead wire insulation.


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